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Spayed Female 1 1/2 y/o Silver Shaded Persian

Tiny (4.5 pounds!!) is a bit sad right now because her beloved person passed away, but she's looking forward to a long, happy life with a new person who will give her the love, fun and cuddles to which she's become accustomed.  She's used to a quiet home with no little kids and no other pets, but we think she just might really enjoy the company of another friendly cat, since she's such a young lady.  If you can give little Tinkerbelle a new forever home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.



Neutered Male 8 y/o Cream and White Persian

Do you watch TV?  Well, that's great because Punkin can't decide which he likes more -- snuggling up with you on the couch in front of the TV, or cuddling your bed when you're off to sleep. In his eyes, both are just so fantastic.  He's got one other love - some nice, protected outside space, like a covered or fenced patio.  He really loves that.   Sadly, Punkin's person needs to move and can't take him, so he's looking for a new TV/sleep buddy, preferably with a nice protected patio for him to enjoy.  If you can adopt Punkin, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 5 y/o Flame Point Himalayan

Raja is a big snuggly boy who is in search of a new life, since he's just not crazy about the other cat in his current home, and would probably be happier without kids around either.  He'd like to move on!  He really is a loverboy, and will totally be his old cuddly self in a new stress-free environment.  Are you the one to give Raja a new lease on life?  If so, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 1 1/2 y/o Black and White Persian

Carson is just a little ball of fun and love!  Family issues are making him need to move to a great new home now, but we know he's fine with kids and will be a great addition to a new home.  If you can be that loving new home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 8 y/o Cream and White Persian

Singa's family's hectic schedule has made it tough for Singa to get the love and attention that she so deserves!  We think she'd fit in great with a new family who will adore her.  And, how can you not?  She's so sweet!  If you can give Singa a new loving home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 1 y/o Black and White Exotic Shorthair

Otto is all snuggles, all the time!  OK, we exaggerate.  When he's not snuggling, he's playing up a storm like a little ball of energy or just simply sitting there looking cute.  Check out Otto in action by clicking here .  Alert:  this movie is painfully cute!

Now, Otto does not care for other cats, so would prefer to be your one and only pet, and no children please.  If you would like to adopt this fun cat, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.



Neutered Male 6-7 year-old Seal Point Ragdoll -- DECLAWED

"Max" is looking for The One!  The one who will give him a stable, forever home full of love.  He is such an affectionate, head-butting cuddly, big (17 pounds!!)  guy, who will make his lucky adopter happy for years to come.  A bit about Max:  first rescued as a kitten into a home with big, scary dogs, he was moved to a quieter home. That person had him declawed (not realizing what a cruel procedure that is) and later had to move away, so gave him to a wonderful person.  This person sadly has medical issues and can no longer care for him.  So you can see, Max is ready to settle down!!  If you can give Max a loving, forever home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


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