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Neutered Male 3 y/o Black and White Exotic

Is your name Robin?  Well, even if it isn't, Batman is looking for his perfect forever sidekick to help him in all things and bring love and happiness to his life.  Not to mention fighting the bad guys.  But even superheroes can be a little shy and scared sometimes, and Batman finds himself needing some extra love and reassurance right now, so maybe a home on the quiet side would be best.  Batman is painfully adorable, and will be the perfect companion!  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838 


Spayed Female ~5-6 y/o Black Persian

Oh no!  We caught our little friend Julie in the midst of her beauty routine for a photo.  How rude of us.  Ladies - this is for you.  We rescued Julie from a rather dangerous situation, and to make a long story short, Julie desperately needs a quiet home with ladies only - no men or kids, please.  Maybe even no other pets?  Julie is a terribly sweet, loving cat and will be such a wonderful companion for a nice lady who will give her the love she needs.  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838 



Spayed Female 3 y/o White Persian

Little Celeste has love written all over her face.  She especially loves - not in any particular order - laps, a sunny spot in her home, and other friendly cats to play with.  What a joy she is!  For info, call Pat at 925-838-1838.


Persian and Himalayan Cat Reccue

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