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Neutered Male 4 y/o White Persian

Murphie is up for FUN!  This little ball of energy is always looking for new ways to play, and now he's looking for new humans to join his party.  Sadly, his person passed away, so he finds himself looking....  He is just the cutest little boy!  If you can give Murphie a new loving, fun home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.



Spayed Female 2 y/o Tabby Persian

A fuzzy bundle of cuteness, Jewel is also a quite social little girl.  She's great with people and other mellow, "respectful" cats, but hasn't figured out how to hang around with dogs, so we don't recommend a home with dogs in it.  If you can give Jewel a home full of love and fun, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Female 4 y/o White Persian

This Bella of the Ball is just beautiful inside and out.  Super cuddly and easy-going, Bella is seeking a new couch, lap and family to call her own.  And did we mention easy-going?   She's totally fine with other fun cats, so she'll fit right into the right family.  By "right," we mean someone who will be sure not only to love her, but to brush her regularly to keep that gorgeous fur in top shape.  If you can give Bella a great home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.



Neutered Male 3 1/2 y/o Bi-Color Persian

Adorable little Pumpkin, who's just as smart as whip by the way, is seeking a new warm, welcoming lap now, since his people need to move on. What a little snuggle-bunny!!  If you can give sweet Pumpkin a loving, forever home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 5 y/o Golden Tabby Persian

Can you stand this cute little face?  She's such a little darling - kind of shy at first, but can melt into your lap.  She'd prefer to be your one and only, since other cats (and probably little kids) make her a bit nervous.  If you would like to meet and adopt Hannah, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.



Neutered Male 7 y/o Chinchilla Persian

Little Toby is a little sad right now, since his beloved person passed on, but he will smile as soon as a new warm lap appears!  He's a really laid back, lovey cat.  Apparently, he "likes to lounge" and has been around dogs and other cats.  The perfect pet!  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.



Persian and Himalayan Cat Reccue

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