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Creme Brulee


Neutered Male 7 y/o Golden Persian

Creme Brulee is such a sweet little treat who loves nothing more than to sit on your lap and gaze adoringly at you with those big eyes of his.  Sadly, he is one of a group of 3 who recently lost their person and find themselves looking for a new home.  He'd just love to stick with his little cat family for familiarity, but especially with big (and we do mean big!) "brother" Marcel.  For info, call Pat at 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 10 y/o Red and White Persian

Big old Marcel is just the sweetest cat - a real bundle of pure love.  Sadly, he's had a tough go of it recently, as his person passed away, leaving him bewildered and looking for a new home.  He's having a little trouble adjusting to the situation, but is very, very nice - just a little shy right now.  He needs a new person who will soothe his soul and bring a smile to his face once again.  Marcel would probably do great with another mellow cat or even two, who will help show him that life can be great again.  For info, call Pat at 925-838-1838.



Spayed Female 11 y/o Tabby Persian

Here is a case where a photo can't tell the whole story.  First of all, this cat has the greenest, most sparkly eyes, like big emeralds.  No wonder she's such a gem!!  Puffin is one of the group of 3, along with Marcel and Creme Brulee, whose person recently passed away, and these 3 need all the help they can get to put their lives back together in a new loving home.  It would be fantastic if the 3 could stay together, but as long as each goes to a place where they will be safe and loved, that's great.  Another mellow cat would be a good companion for Puffin.  For info, call Pat at 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 2 y/o Black and White Persian

Can you imagine - this beauty was brought into a shelter as a stray and hasn't been claimed!  She's not sure what to make of this new situation yet, but she does enjoy socializing and being petted by the new friends she's made at the shelter.  What a lovebug!  Especially now that she's had some terrible matts shaved off, she's just SOOO happy and snuggly.  She's not a fan of being picked up, but we believe that the day she gets picked up and put into a carrier to go to her new home will be a different story.  She'll be so happy!  One more thing - we know she loves people, but we're not sure about other cats.  We believe she'd be happier as your one and only cat.  Please be the one to put an even bigger smile onto her pretty face and give her a loving home!!  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male ~2 y/o Lynx Point Himalayan Mix, who we're hoping to get adopted with his new best friend, Harrison, a British Shorthair.


Derek is a 2 year old Lynx Point Himalayan Mix.  He would do very well with another mellow cat.  Oh wait - we have proof!!  While in Rescue, Derek has found a new best friend.  He and adorable British Shorthair Harrison have become absolutely inseparable.  So much so that we are now trying to get Derek and Harrison adopted together.  Double the fun!  Double the love!!  Really, you just can't go wrong with this pair.  If you click on the picture above, you can see the 2 buddies.   For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 3 y/o White Persian

Dear little Miss Blue Eyes only has eyes for you!  And those eyes and the rest of that big-hearted gal are looking forward to a new, fun, forever home where she can spend the rest of her happy life with lots of play and snuggles.  Do you have a cat-friendly dog?  No problem!  She's been there, done that and is ready to do it again. Really, Molly is a fun-loving, super sweet girl who would love to find her perfect home.  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male ~7 y/o Black Persian

Bentley is one of the most fun, playful cats you'll ever meet.  Maybe this is why he just LOVES children!  Seriously, happiness for Bentley is exhausting himself by playing, then dropping off to blissful sleep in his child brother or sister's bed.  See Bentley in action here - We really hope to place Bentley with a nice family who will love him forever!  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.