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Neutered Male 6-7 year-old Seal Point Ragdoll -- DECLAWED

"Max" is looking for The One!  The one who will give him a stable, forever home full of love.  He is such an affectionate, head-butting cuddly, big (17 pounds!!)  guy, who will make his lucky adopter happy for years to come.  A bit about Max:  first rescued as a kitten into a home with big, scary dogs, he was moved to a quieter home. That person had him declawed (not realizing what a cruel procedure that is) and later had to move away, so gave him to a wonderful person.  This person sadly has medical issues and can no longer care for him.  So you can see, Max is ready to settle down!!  If you can give Max a loving, forever home, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 4 y/o Calico Persian

Lovely, lap-loving Marilyn is just a little cutie-pie who will steal your heart, so look out!  Can you please give her a lap-for-life to call her own?  If you can adopt sweet little Marilyn, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 2 y/o Bi-Color Persian

Timmy is one fun cat!  He just loves to play and, of course, to be adored.  Can you stand how cute that face is?  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.




Spayed Female 5 y/o Golden Tabby Persian

Can you stand this cute little face?  She's such a little darling - kind of shy at first, but can melt into your lap.  She'd prefer to be your one and only, since other cats (and probably little kids) make her a bit nervous.  If you would like to meet and adopt Hannah, please call Pat - 925-838-1838.




Persian and Himalayan Cat Reccue

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