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Spayed Female 2 y/o Himalayan

Pixie is a two year old Himalayan. She is absolutely gorgeous in person! Beautiful whiskers and eyes. She is very social and extremely sweet and would do well with another mellow cat. We would love to find her a fabulous forever home. For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 5 y/o Himalayan

Preston is a Five year old Himalayan. He was left at the Vet’s office in a carrier and came to us. He has a great personality and is a bit of a clown! He loves his toys, affection and seems to be happy just about anything. He is sure to brighten up his family-to-be’s home! For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 6 y/o Black & White Exotic Persian

Oreo is a 6 year old rare Black and White Exotic Persian. She is a bundle of sweetness and unfortunately she was given to us because her mom is getting married and cannot keep her. She would do best in a quiet home with no children and one other mellow pet. For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 6 y/o Silver Shaded Persian

See Teddy in action here!

Darling little Teddy is just a super love-bug, which is amazing given what he's been through!  Confiscated from someone with way too many cats he and his 6 housemate cats were given a spa treatment, and spent some time at a local shelter relaxing before coming to us for foster.  Little Teddy wins hearts wherever he goes, with that cute little tongue that peeks out of his mouth and his giant blue-green eyes.  Teddy was a staff and volunteer favorite at the shelter; he never gets tired of pets and cuddles.  If you have a quiet home where you can devote time and laps to him, he will just LOVE you forever!  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 2 y/o Cream Point Himalayan

Little Louisa came to Rescue with 6 other cats from a place with way too many cats,  and likely has never learned the joys of being someone's loved and pampered pet.  While her housemates are slowly recovering and finding their way to loving homes after months of loving care in foster, Louisa remains terrified.

 We KNOW that there's a sweet, adorable cat in there who has a long life of love ahead of her, but right now she needs a patient person who will keep her in a quiet home and give her the reassurance and happiness she deserves.  Right now, she is getting a head start in a safe foster home, where she's making great progress, but we keep searching for that one kind person who will come along and give little Louisa a long, happy life full of fun and love.  Is that you?   For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.

Chi Chi

Spayed Female 3 y/o Golden Tabby Persian

Chi Chi is a 3 year old Golden Tabby Persian. Her mom had a new baby and turns out the baby was allergic so we are looking for a new home for Chi Chi. As you can see from the photo, she has a great personality and loves to play. She is fond of chasing toys. She is a confident girl who sees it her way! Very sweet girl and definitely wants to be the only one in the house. For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.



Spayed Female 5-6 y/o Himalayan

Bella is a 5-6 year old Himalayan. She and her pal Peggy Sue have lived together happily until their family moved and was not able to take them along. We would love to have them adopted together but would consider separating them. Bella is very smart and likes to be active for an hour or two a day. She loves to be groomed but also enjoys her own time. Keeps herself well kept with an elegant attitude. Very sweet and friendly to people. For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.

Peggy Sue


Peggy Sue is a 6 year old Persian. She and her pal Bella have lived together happily until their family moved and was not able to take them along. We would love to have them adopted together but would consider separating them. Peggy Sue loves people and is very friendly. She sleeps a lot and does love to be groomed. She does have a typical Persian personality and likes being with her people during the day. She loves napping in laps! For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Neutered Male 4 y/o Red Persian

This is Redmond, a four year old Red Persian bundle of joy. What a handsome face and copper eyes! His mom passed away and we hope to find a very special person who will help him adjust to his new home. He likes other mellow cats and did share a home with one before. He would not do well with dogs or children however. For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Spayed Female 6 y/o Blue Cream Persian

To see how great Skye is with kids, watch this!

Little Skye is one of the sweetest, funniest little cats you will ever meet.  Left at a shelter because the family did not have enough time for her, Skye has definitely mastered the art of amusing herself, and is just thrilled to meet any human who will pet her and provide a warm lap and a nice chat.  She does walk a little funny, but that's just part of her enormous charm.  We think Skye would prefer to be an only cat, but don't worry, her personality will fill a home!  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838,