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Neutered Male 4 1/2 year-old Lynx Point Himalayan

This absolutely stunning cat is looking for love!  He actually does fine with dogs and perhaps other cats.  And, of course, fun humans.  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.

Miss Kitty

Spayed Female 5-6 y/o White Persian

Dear little Miss Kitty has lost her beloved person and needs to find a new favorite person.  MK is actually deaf, but that doesn't stop her at all!  She's a little ball of fire, running all over the house doing all kinds of playing.  So, if you're looking for fun, exercise and cuddling, MK is for you!  No dogs, please.  For info, call Pat - 925-838-1838.


Persian and Himalayan Cat Reccue

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