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Holiday Letter

Our 2014 Holiday Letter

Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue

Serving San Francisco/Northern California.

PHCR helps the rescue, placement and care of unwanted and abused Persian cats.

A big and heartfelt thank you to a great friend.  Sadly, we recently lost a true friend of Rescue, Ms. H. Campbell.  Because Ms. Cambell loved the cats and valued and supported our rescue work, she remembered us in her will.  Her legacy means a great deal to us, and will live on in being able to help these cats for a long time to come.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Campbells family and friends.


We support our Rescue operation through:
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We are a Non-Profit 501-[c]3 Corporation run by volunteers. Every penny that you donate goes to help the cats in our care.

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Calling for volunteers!  We need :

  • Volunteers to help with fundraising -- grant applications, etc. Please contact us if you can help!
  • Volunteers to help keep track of Persians and Himalayans in animal shelters, so we can keep our website up-to-date.


Where our cats are from

Most of our cats come from Northern California Animal Shelters, veterinarians or referrals.   Persian and Himalayan cats are waiting for you in:




Other Locations

Our Finding a Persian a Home page tells how to go about trying to find a home for your cat.

Adopting a PHCR cat (We do not ship cats)

Please see the How to Adopt page to find out how to adopt a Persian or Himalayan.  When you're ready, please e-mail your completed Adoption Application Form to

Adopted PHCR cats

Before any cats leave our care, they are:

  • Spayed or neutered
  • Vaccinated for FVRCP
  • Leukemia tested
  • Groomed
  • Evaluated for personality to assure a good match with the new family


. We can't save every Persian & Himalayan in the world, but for each one that you help us save it IS the world for that kitty!. Please see our What We Need and Volunteer Opportunities pages where you'll find a list of very easy, simple things you could do to help. Any of them will make a much bigger difference than you can imagine! Please e-mail if YOU can help.