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Neutered Male White Persian - DECLAWED

Oy.  This bad story will have a fairytale happy ending when an angel comes along to give Kimba a life of love and happiness!   A good Samaritan just happened to be out for a walk when she saw someone throw Kimba out of a truck and speed off.  Can you believe this??  Not only did he have an open wound, but he had a cone on his neck and, being declawed, he wasn't equipped to defend himself on the mean streets!!!!  Well, this lovely lady took him in and he's now safely in foster care, where he is proving to be just the sweetest cat ever.  He gives hugs!!!  Kimba is pure sugar - not a mean bone in his cute little body, and he loves to snuggle.  We think he'd do great with another declawed cat, but don't recommend dogs or little kids. 

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