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Spayed Female ~10 y/o Shaded Silver Persian

Can you just imagine this sweet little face in your home for Christmas?  She's dressed up and ready to go and make your home her safe, happy place for the rest of her life.  Found stray on the streets, totally matted and neglected, Ambrosia has been enjoying all the "spa treatments" that are transforming her back to the little princess that we're sure she is.  Really, she has no problem with grooming, suggesting she was once someone's pampered pet.  She's so sweet and loving!  And did we mention the obvious - how adorable she is?  Part of that is because she is missing some teeth, so her tongue sticks out so cutely.  Ambrosia is waiting for you at the PetLifeline shelter, located at 19686 8th Street East, Sonoma, CA.  For info, call (707) 996-4577.

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