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Neutered Male 5-7 y/o White Persian - DECLAWED

Gabriel is a little soft white ball of fluff with a little pink tongue -- a sweetie who's all about love.  This doesn't explain how he was found  "Running at Large" as his paperwork says.  How did this happen, - a declawed gentle, clueless Persian found outside?  No one says Persians have any street smarts. No declaw ever belongs outside especially since without claws they cannot climb to escape.  Was  he put out when his family moved ? Is that possible? At any rate they did not come to find him at the shelter which would not have been hard to do. He stands out in any crowd.

He clearly has been loved and cared for in his previous life.  Gabriel is just as he looks, he is a soft, gentle treasure. He needs to be loved and carefully protected and cared for his whole life.

For info, call Harriet - 831-336-2983.
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