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Tom Terrific
Tom Terrific

Neutered Male <1 y/o White and Grey Persian
His foster mom writes:

I received a phone call. Could I take a persian who had trotted along at a man's heels into a small rural  shelter." Not my cat"  the man said. The cat, cosmetically, was in terrible shape. He had  obviously been outside with caked mud, a filthy face,and a  miniscule covered up nose. Drool , snot,  crud  and god knows what all over him.   " This cat has been following me. He is not mine. " the man said.

So of course I assumed this was just another owner who tried to save face and didn't want to own up to the poor condition of his cat or pay the surrender fee ( they charge an owner to take a surrendered cat into the shelter). Owners say "I found this cat stray " all the time.

Now that I know this little kitty - newly named Tommy -  I think maybe the man WAS telling the truth. This is a funny little cat who may very well have latched onto a man who petted him and started following him. He is not shy.  Driving him an hour and a half to his new foster home he lay in the carrier on his back with his feet in the air, lounging.  He assumed all sorts of lazy positions. This is not your average cat. He would be a great cat for someone who traveled alot by car or RV.

He has super pearly white baby teeth. His paws are quite large and at 5 pounds he is probably still growing. So he is a kitten.  The shelter took him to a vet hospital where he was anesthetized and seriously cleaned  up. Their first plan was to put him down but his friendliness saved him.  A bath and a major face wash  did wonders. They all fell in love with him.

He is mostly white and has soft grey on his tail, head, and flank. He has gold eyes that  fortunately - surprisingly - are not the runny Persian eyes you so often see. He has soft fur not especially thick for a Persian. I think they may have combed alot of it out while grooming the  foxtails and other plant life out of his coat . He wasn't lost a long time if he was at all because his body weight is good. He loves to eat wet and dry and Temptation treats really make his day.

I expect he was a cute little kitten when purchased and his family had no idea how to care for a Persian. Especially one with his nose.

He has a very tiny nose and it is not an adequate nose. I got a magnifying glass out to look at it and that is not a joke. We have seem many Persians who needed a "Nose Job".  which is simply an opening and enlarging of the exterior nasal passages. Not really hard to do but it is very delicate work. The vet he will go to uses a laser to do it.  It helps the cats so much it is sort of amazing.

We cannot adopt him out at this time but his bio is here to introduce him and to ask our great web site followers for donations. We need to raise $300 for him and the first $100 has already been donated by another Persian rescue group we often work with.

Sometimes nose jobs help Persians to have the air and energy to play harder and longer. Sometimes the nose jobs helps them to stay alive longer because their decreased oxygen harms their hearts. Tommy falls into the second category.

We will get his nose taken care of and then he will be ready to join a new home. We need a home where his parents will  wash his face once or twice a day ( he is nice about it ). He will ALWAYS need to be protected and treasured. He is probably good with other cats, maybe dogs and children as long as all are very gentle and friendly.  He is a very outgoing, confident guy and probably doesn't know his limits. He has to be cosseted and protected. He will never be what I call  a wash-and-wear cat.

He is litterbox perfect.

His foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

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