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Female 4 y/o Shaded Silver Persian

In another sign of the economic times, Bubbles is looking for a new home.  Her person says, "Bubbles is a very sweet, loving, and mild mannered doll-faced Persian.  She was born June 5, 2006.  During the day she typically likes to find a quiet corner to sleep.  However, she still does like to play chase the string or hunt a house fly.  At night if Bubbles is not playing a game of tag with her cat friend or guarding the hallway, she is snuggling up on the bed keeping me company.  While Bubbles has always had another cat as a companion, she does do quite a bit on her own as well.  She has also constantly been around kids too.  Bubbles tends to hide when people she is unfamiliar with visit.  She seems to have the toughest time with adult males in general.  My husband had to work extra hard to be her friend but she purrs just the same now when he pets her.  Bubbles does not like to be approached rapidly and prefers if you were down on her level prior to picking up.  She doesn’t like to be held for a long period of time and does better when you are sitting down on a couch as opposed to standing since standing makes her higher off the ground.  Bubbles is not a jumper.  She feels most safe with all her paws on the ground, although does appreciate a window sill with a view.  To show affection she likes to rub heads with you.   Bubbles does not meow but will say “hi” and expects a soft “hi” in return." 

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