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Spayed Female 8 y/o Smoke Persian - DECLAWED FRONT

We KNOW there's a kind person out there who will take Sophie into his or her heart and home.  If you do, you'll be rewarded with years of love, purring and cuddles.  Poor Sophie was abandoned at a shelter at young middle age, despite the fact that she has diabetes, making it hard to compete with "lower-maintenance" for a forever home.  Now, as many people know, diabetes in cats is easily maintained by a quick hit of insulin every day.  She's healthy in every other way!  She'll pay you back a million times over for your kindness (see above about cuddling!)  This lap cat will even let you carry her around like a little baby, once she gets to know you.  Please give her the mellow, caring home she needs. 

Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue.