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Spayed Female 3 y/o Red and White Persian

Is your life wonderful but still not entirely complete? Is your life missing a tiny little redheaded diva? If so, you might interview with Lucille. Her qualifications are she is tiny (4 pounds), she has red hair (with white accents), and she will tell you at length all about how she is an accomplished diva.

Being a diva means she has requirements. Her first requirement is that you learn to speak Red Haired Diva Persian. She is fluent with a very extensive vocabulary. She purrs, trills, wheadles, expresses disgust and outrage, and sings love poems. Learning her language is probably a lifetime challenge. But with her little tiny voice she will tell you many things about the world and her wishes.

Her wishes are paramount.

What does she want? Well, first of all she wants to be in charge. She is very loving and cuddly but SHE wants to be the one to instigate cuddling by crawling up on YOUR lap and taking over YOUR body. Give her space and she will be all over you. She says, "I may be tiny and cute but I am my own person!" Napoleon was small too if you take my meaning...

When she has had a surfeit of petting she will tell you. If you don't listen she will tell you again and then again. Finally, if you are so tuned out to what she is saying she will growl politely. Very reasonable of her.

She finds trainable humans wonderful. She believes that those not yet in their teens are untrainable and to be avoided at all costs.

Less reasonable is her insistence on eating ONLY Iams Original Dry cat food. That is the dry food she likes. Everthing else ( wet and dry) is what she doesn't like. However human food is another story. Her previous mom writes: " She likes to eat off of the plate of whatever you are eating. If I sat and ate dinner in the family room she would join me and eventually want to sample off of my plate. I know it is not the best habit...but it was so cute to watch her interest in eating what I was eating, that I let her take some bites. Her favorite is to nibble on mashed potatoes with beef gravy, or refried beans and cheese out of a burrito. She is never obnoxious about it; just curious and enjoyed the sharing "

You may not be surprised to hear that being a true diva she loves to stare at herself in the mirror.  She has a long slender body with long legs, great huge eyes of gold that dominate her face, and a magnificent plume of a red tail which she uses rather like a fan held by a turn of the century opera singer. She should probably be 5 or 6 pounds. There is such a thing as being too skinny even for a diva.

How does it come about that such a priceless treasure should be looking to engage a new devoted servant or servants? Well, it is another of the foreclosure stories. Her family's mortgage payment doubled and despite their unbroken work record their world tumbled and she came to us.

We are all familiar with those little small dogs that people love to dote on. If you think you could supply that kind of dotage to her you might apply for the job. All those who say, "Well sure, I can do dotage. I am already in my dotage" are missing the point and need not apply.

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