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Spayed Female 3-5 y/o Black Persian.  DECLAWED ON ALL FOUR PAWS.

Smooshie is a super special and sweet girl! She was brought to us as a stray and in HORRIBLE condition. Her fur was totally matted solid and had been partially ripped off. She had large open sores and was very sad and withdrawn. ..... That was a few weeks ago... NOW she is a happy and alert cat who loves to snuggle and cuddle. She has a huge purring motor! She had to be clipped and stood perfectly still and let me do it without any fuss! She actually seemed to know we were trying to help. As the huge mats came off, the more she purred! I gave her a bath and will have to admit she was the best behaved kitty I have ever bathed! All her open sores have healed up and new silky hair is beginning to grow. Smooshie is still mostly bare but she still loves attention and will get offended if anyone laughs at her!! She actually will look right at the person laughing and give them a nasty scowl, then turn her back on them. The look on her face plainly shows what she thinks of being laughed at!!! 

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