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Sweet, beautiful Noelle was adopted from PHCR in 2005.  Her mom writes...
Sadly, we lost our beloved Noelle last week to renal failure, she was about 16 years old. We feel so blessed to have had 6 years with our sweet Noelle,  though we certainly wish we could have had much longer. While we knew she was on borrowed time, given her health problems, the end came suddenly, and it was truly heart-breaking. We remain grief-stricken, and our home feels very empty without Noelle's sweet soul. We miss her more than words can express.

We adopted Noelle in late December of 2005, and she immediately filled our home with fun, love, and fur :-). When we first met her at her foster home, we had no doubt Noelle was meant to come home with us. We had lost our 19-yo Himalayan a few months earlier to renal failure, and we were so devastated we thought we would never have another cat. Noelle changed our minds and more than filled the void, she was so endearing and immediately became a cherished member of the family. After just 6 months with Noelle, she was diagnosed with early-stage renal failure. We immediately put her on daily sub-q fluids, followed soon by twice-daily  vitamins for anemia and medication for high blood pressure. Noelle lived with this condition and daily regimen for 5 years, and wow, was she ever a trooper! She became deaf about 1 year ago, and she took that in stride as well. With all of her health problems, Noelle was a truly happy cat, she loved snuggling,  treats (though she had only a couple of teeth!), and rubbing her face on mylar scrunchy balls and pressed catnip balls. Noelle's favorite spot was next to  a catnip-stuffed caterpillar toy, which was the very first toy we brought home for her. Noelle loved to travel, seriously. Whenever we brought out the suitcase and her carrier, she would settle inside her carrier, next to her carefully placed caterpillar toy, and purr. When we got to our destination, she would immediately greet and charm everyone, followed by a quick survey of litter box and food/water placement, then find a perch and settle in for a snooze.  As long as she had her creature comforts, and could sleep in bed with her humans, she was content. Noelle clearly loved life and was one of a kind. What a sweet, sweet girl.

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