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Dear little Missy was truly rescued when she was taken from an animal shelter, where she was a very frightened stray little girl, and adopted into the most loving, wonderful home.  We truly believe that her last year and a half were her best - she got to spend them in a big house with the most loving dad.  She finally lost a battle with "old age" in April 2012. 

Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue cannot guarantee the temperament, breeding, or availability of any cat posted to this page. If you inquire about a cat on this page and find it unavailable, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: We try hard to keep this current, but don't always know immediately when a shelter cat is no longer available. Save yourself some time by calling the number listed under the cat and make sure he or she is available before going to the shelter!! Also, if you adopt one of these cats, please contact us and tell us.
Thank you.

If you know of a Persian or Himalayan not listed on these pages that is at a shelter or rescue in Northern California, please contact us and we will add him or her to our list.