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It is with great sadness to Luke's forever family and we at PHCR that Luke passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 3/28/07 from an enlarged heart. His forever family writes: He struggled to take each breath and it became harder and harder for him to breath. We tried everything we could to save his big heart from failing, but it only got worse. From the moment we brought him home he was so happy and loving. He was only with us for a very short time, but we have never loved an animal more than we loved our Luke. He brought sunshine and smiles to our lives. Every day when we came home he would greet us at the door with his big copper eyes and soft meow. He would give us hugs and kisses to show how happy he was to be with us. His favorite was making the bed ... he loved to jump and pounce on the sheets when we lifted them up and he would hide underneath making it hard to make the bed. But we loved to play along with him! He was always the center of attention. When someone visited he would sit in the center of the room to watch and listen. Everyone who met him found he was unique. He was our love, our pal, and we truly miss him. April, Jeremy, Anthony & Peter.
From Pat, who orchestrated his rescue from the streets, and Susan, his foster mom who brought him back to health from his struggling to survive on the streets: He was a Lionheart. He was a loving, brave, beautiful, intuitive cat. I always felt like he told me long stories within his deep gold eyes (and included his very own soundtrack of snorting and snoring!). I'll always remember our nightly ritual of feeding him by hand, followed by combing his head and tail and then a long snugle on my chest with snorts of graditude in my left ear. I was sooo pleased he was adopted by a family who loved him wholly - as he deserved to be loved. My heart goes out to his forever family.

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IMPORTANT: We try hard to keep this current, but don't always know immediately when a shelter cat is no longer available. Save yourself some time by calling the number listed under the cat and make sure he or she is available before going to the shelter!! Also, if you adopt one of these cats, please contact us and tell us.
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