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Georgie the Lionheart
Georgie the Lionheart
We are sad to report the loss of Georgie, a dear cat that spent some time with us. His loving people posted the following:

Eric and I are so sad to announce that our little 'Lionheart', Georgie, passed away yesterday, March 20, 2009 at 5:15 PM due to cancer, intestinal lymphoma. Having gotten him in his later years we don't really know his age, but his veterinarians estimate he was somewhere around 14 years old. Our veterinarian of over 30 years gently eased him past further suffering and he left while looking into Eric and my eyes as we hugged him whispering how much we loved him, how much we admired his gentle heart and soul and his ability to remain hopefull and open to love in spite of the difficult life he had experienced prior to being rescued by Persian Rescue, who provided the medical care he needed to recover from horrible abuse that caused him to lose one eye and be left with a badly damaged other eye that no longer had great vision but at least some vision. We are so grateful to Persian Rescue for doing so, for giving him the opportunity to be adopted which gave us the opportunity to find him and have the privilege of sharing his last 4 years of life.

Family and friends tell us that at least he was lucky to have his later years with Eric and I who loved him so much. But we are the lucky ones because we had the opportunity to learn, from his example, a profound lesson about life, relationships, and love. Most of you didn't get to spend a lot of time with Georgie so don't know the depth of his character, but it means a lot to us to share the strong character and true grace he had, to share the most profound lesson he taught us. It is best conveyed by the way he handled coming to a new home, while at the same time overcoming the disadvantage of seeing from only one eye and seeing only poorly from that one. When he came, Fancy and Katy, as sweet and wonderful as they are, were not too happy and felt a bit threatened by the new guy, and when he would try to go up to them they would hiss and growl. In spite of all the adversity he had been through, of being in totally new surroundings with new limitations on his vision that made hit harder for him to even grasp, he didn't get upset at them, didn't growl or hiss, or even run away. He just calmly immediately sat down and looked at them with kindness trying to convey that he meant them no harm, showing that he understood and held no ill feelings about their attitude to him, and persevered with that approach in confidence that once they trusted that he meant no harm, that they understood they shouldn't be afraid, that they would accept the love he offered. Each day he would get a bit closer, until after a week or so they magically reached out and touched noses. That was his approach to life. Don't pre-judge. Donít let ego or fear get in the way and allow a desire to strike back. He had a sixth sense that gave him the ability to understand where others were coming from, to treat them with care and kindness in order to tease out their goodness. My father had that ability, gave that gift to others. It's one of the things I most treasure about him, most admired about him. And it is so uncanny that an abused little kitty that came into our lives after my Dad's passing would continually remind me of his example. In spite of what had been done to him, he came to us quite sad but was never resentful. He maintained faith that love existed in others and remained open to receiving it. We are so glad to have been able to be the ones to give that love to him, so see his faith and spirit result in his experiencing true joy. So glad to see his example each day of the simple thing we can all do, with much effort sometimes due to our egos but with no monetary cost at all, to make the world a wonderful place. It's best expressed in the words of author, Max Lucado:

Plant an act of love heartdeep in a person's life. Nurture it with a smile and watch what happens. By cultivating harmony through acts of love we build bridges by healing hurts, prevent conflict by touching the interior, cultivate harmony by sowing seeds of love in hurting hearts.

In spite of all the adversity he experienced, our little Lionheart, Georgie, personified that.

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