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Happy Tails

Every cat that comes to our Rescue is very special to all of us. Some cats have had an especially difficult time. Here are some of their stories.



Quincy PersianJune 2014 -- Quincy's mom writes, "...Quincy, the orange Persian I adopted from your rescue about 11 years ago, is still going strong at 16! He's the love of my life and I just wanted to thank you for all of these great years of fun with Quincy. He's a real character!"

How cute is Quincy!?!?! Happy to see you're still having lots of fun!!






BetsyDecember 2011 -- we heard from the nice couple who adopted Betsy the Exotic Shorthair 7 years ago. She's doing great! Turning 13 this year, she passed her most recent physical with flying colors, and she is absolutely adored. This is her Christmas picture with her buddy Santa...


Sydney and Calais

Sydney and CalaisTheir person writes:  It was 2003 that I had adopted a flame-point Himalayan and a tortoise Persian from you in Davis.  Their names were Kewpie Doll and Baby Doll - do you remember them?
I've renamed them, Calais and Sydney (after sea port cities like their older sister - Cadiz).  Well, I  always remember you and thought it would be nice to let you know how they are doing.  In 2009 I bought a tiny house and Calais and Sydney are very happy in their new home, in fact they've acclimated quite well in every move.

I'll never forget that you told me the little Persian was the bully - and she still is!  Sydney is only six pounds and picks on Calais (10 lbs.) although Calais looks after her little sister.  Sydney is very smart and funny, she repels down her "cat condo" and knows how to open every kitchen cabinet.  She is very scrappy and I keep reminding her that she should be "regal"! Calais is a little lady, she is so sweet and very pretty. 

Both are in excellent health and I think they are around eight years old now. 



GizmoI had adopted Gizmo in 2005 or 2006. He was about 7. My vet estimates that he is about 10 years old now.  Gizmo is doing great and has adjusted very well to our home. He was shy and skittish (still is with strangers) when we first got him but he has warmed up to us and will sit on our lap for petting. He's so sweet - I just love him so much!


Nicolette"Nikki" was adopted in 2006. Her person wrote recently and said, " She is such a joy  and I love her more every day. "  And, "Let me tell you, she is one spoiled sassy happy cat!!  I love it when she squeals when I give her salad shrimp!!  She gets so happy that she gallops around doing her happy dance!!  She follows me everywhere and is such a great companion.  I thought dogs were great (I've had Chow Chows).  ... Nikki is my first cat and I am so blessed to be owned by her.  She is very affectionate and outspoken.  For awhile, she would say "Eck!" everytime she would see me.  Can you tell me what "Eck" means in cat language??   As you can see, we are crazy about each other,  Nikki is such a joy!! "


Buddy and Mooshy

These were Buddy Brown and Moosh Moosh at Rescue.  They're happily in a new home together, and their new people write...

I wanted to thank you for being instrumental in adopting two beautiful kitties to Sandy and myself!  Buddy and Mooshy are doing great and are so loving with us and moreover, each other.  They love to lick and groom each other, which Carolyn says is a sign of deep affection.  Mooshy has taught Buddy how to play with cat toys and he's learning fast.  Of course they play fight and wrestle, but afterwards tend to settle down on the bed to sleep on their comforter together.  

Buddy likes to have his tummy rubbed and is the sweetest most Innocent creature, even by cat standards.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, although he's had to learn his own strength during play time.  Mooshy is daddies girl and sometimes like to burrow under the covers next to me, or curl up on my chest when I'm laying down.  She's so affectionate, beautiful and smart; she's got me wrapped around her paws.  

Bhima's Story

Bhima was a "group effort". Bhima was found wandering stray and taken to Animal Outreach of the Motherlode, an animal rescue group. He was so flea infested that all of his fur had fallen out. His eyes were encrusted and he was very thin. The rescue group had him neutered, tested, and helped him on the road to recovery. He was adopted by a family who soon realized they had no time to care for this high maintenance kitty, so he was returned. One of our volunteers, Abhay, contacted us and arranged for him to come to Persian & Himalayan Rescue so that he could get the proper care. He had gotten a nasty upper respiratory infection and his eyes became so inflamed they could hardly open. He went up to Redding where Sheri and her son Teran fattened him up, had him professionally groomed, and got his skin back in shape. Back he came to Ellen at the Vacaville Adoption Center. Once there, a wonderful lady name Valentine brought her teenage son up to help him pick out a cat. It was a strong tie between Bhima and another young shorthaired, low maintenance cat. Well, they went home and thought about it, but just couldn't get Bhima off their minds. They made the "right" choice and decided to take Bhima home. Valentine is a meticulous mother and knows just how to care for this super high maintenance kitty. We're looking forward to seeing some "After" pictures soon.

Farley's Story

Farley was rescued, along with 49 other cats, from a horrible breeder. He was a wonderful cat. He had to have one eye removed and the remaining eye was Paul Newman Blue and it was crossed. His tail was crooked and he was flat footed but he strutted around Rescue like he was hot stuff. He had a GREAT personality and we all loved him. You see, he KNEW he was just as good, if not better, than the other cats in Rescue and you know, he was. He was in Rescue for many months and now has a Forever Family.

Miles' Story

Miles, a 9 year old Blue Persian, was two years old when he first went to a Rescue. He spent three years in that Rescue and then came to Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue. Miles was a very sweet, loving, gentle cat, but for some reason, he just never got adopted. He spent the last year of his time in Rescue in a foster home because he was getting depressed and we felt he would benefit by being away from so many cats. Well, one day, a lady called and said she'd like to meet Miles. By that time, Miles had spent a total of SEVEN years in Rescue. The lady met Miles and fell in love with him. He finally had the loving home he was waiting for and deserved. He's living a wonderful life in his new home. We're very happy for Miles.

Manny's Story

Manny was rescued from a breeder, along with 50 other cats. All of the cats were thin and some were sick. We didn't realize at first, but Manny was completely deaf. He tried to bite and scratch if anyone approached him from the front but he could be touched if he didn't see you. We realized it was because the "breeder" most likely was physically cruel to the cats since all of them were terrified at first. A lady named Stacey from Southern California called and said she would love to adopt Manny. She was familiar with timid cats so would have the patience to deal with him. Stacey teaches sign language to people and said she would teach Manny how to understand certain things in sign language (as well as thumps on the floor with her foot). When Stacey came to Rescue to meet Manny, they bonded immediately. That very same day, Stacey and Manny flew back to Southern California. Manny is doing very nicely in his new home and is not afraid of anyone. Another special success story. See update about Manny (renamed Chalkey) on our "Happy Tails" page.

Sasha's Story

Sasha was just 12 weeks old when she was rescued, along with another kitten (Willow) and many adult cats, from a breeder who had 51 cats. The cats were living in filthy, abusive and inhumane conditions. There were hardly any litter boxes and not enough food. Sasha was small for her age and had to have her left eye removed due to her mother being malnourished while she was pregnant with her kittens. If Sasha hadn't been rescued, we're sure she would not have survived much longer. A lady named Eileen contacted us and wanted to adopt Sasha. It was the perfect home and Sasha is now living a very spoiled life, along with the two resident cats, and being treated like the Princess she is. Another successful Rescue story.

Margie's Story

We received a call from a shelter asking if we would take a Female Cream Persian into our Rescue. She was brought in as a “stray” and was terribly sick. She had what the shelter veterinarian thought were chemical burns on her tongue, mouth and lips because they were severely blistered. She wasn't expected to live. Of course, we went to get the cat right away and brought her to the Mill Valley Rescue. She was named "Margie" on the way to Rescue. Margie was so sick she couldn’t open her eyes or lift her head. Her nose was encrusted with matter and her nostrils were completely blocked so she had to breathe through her mouth. Wanda cleaned her nose, cleared her nostrils and took Margie to the veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian found that Margie did not have chemical burns. She had a bad virus and was put on antibiotics and Wanda force fed her until she started to eat on her own. Margie responded well to the proper medication, nutrition and love. She was one of the sweetest cats we’ve ever seen. Within two weeks after she arrived at Rescue, Margie was adopted into a loving home and is doing just fine. “Our Little Margie” is happy at last!

Sweet Austin's Story

Sweet Austin, as we called him, came to Rescue in very bad health. He was 90% blind and had high blood pressure. We brought him to a veterinarian and Austin was put on medication. His blood pressure came down and now it is normal with the help of medication. His eyes did not improve but that didn’t deter a wonderful couple from driving all the way from Southern California to adopt him. He's now being terribly spoiled (as he should be). We receive regular updates on how well Austin is doing and how much he is loved! ANOTHER "HEARTWARMING" ENDING!

Smokey's Story

Smokey was brought to a local veterinarian by his owners in October of 2002. He had been missing for three days and, when he was found, Smokey's left hind leg was broken in two places. His leg was put in a cast and it was recommended that, since these were no ordinary breaks, Smokey be seen by an animal orthopedic surgeon. It was feared he would either need extensive surgery or have his leg amputated. Smokey's owners did not want to spend the money on a specialist so the veterinarian called us and, of course, we took Smokey. Smokey was seen by a specialist. His cast was removed, his leg x-rayed. The shoulder socket was frozen from having the cast on for 3 months. Smokey was sent to a foster home to recuperate. Smokey was rechecked two more times and it was decided that he did not need surgery or to have his leg amputated. Even though Smokey's leg is a little shorter than his other legs, he is getting around quite nicely. Smokey's foster Mom, Dyann, fell so in love with him that she has adopted him. ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING!!!

Hope's Story

January, 2002, Carolyn and I were at a local Animal Shelter in Sacramento to rescue two Persians for our Rescue Group. We also were asked by another Rescue Organization to take five other cats from the euthanasia room. We chose three kittens and two adults. One of the adults was a small Lynx-Point Himalayan mix. As I removed the little Lynx-Point from her cage, all I could feel was a light fluff of bones. She was starving to death. We rushed her to our vet in Davis who examined her and said she was near death. Her heart was racing and irregular and her skin had a bluish tint. The advice from the vet was to put her down. At this point, Carolyn offered her some food and she made a brave attempt to eat it. We decided to give her a chance. We gave her fluids and I transported her to our Rescue facility in Mill Valley for intensive care. We named her “Hope” as hope was all we had left to give her. She was only a year old. Three weeks of intensive care with antibiotics, fluids 2 times a day, force feeding A.D. with transfer factor, missing links, Rescue Remedy and baby food three times a day and a loving volunteer, Susan, who was at the center almost every day to tell her she was loved, helped pull her through. Four weeks after her near death experience she was adopted and now lives in luxury with a family who adores her. Her first night in her new family home, she slept with her new person, a 93 year old woman. A week after she was adopted, Hope's new family brought her to their vet for a well check. It proved that both Hope and her heart are perfectly normal. This story proves that “THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! Written by Wanda Roe.

Alexander's Story

Alexander was brought to a local shelter by his owner and the shelter called us and asked if we’d take him. Of course, we said “yes”. He came to us on 1/10/03. His left hind leg stuck out sideways and he couldn't use it at all. He had had at least 2 owners. Neither one of his owners bothered to do anything about it. We brought Alexander to an animal orthopedic specialist to see what was wrong with his leg and if anything could be done about it. The Dr. said that, apparently, at some time during his 7 years, he had been hit by a car (or injured in some other way) and his leg was broken in two places. Because it wasn't treated in the beginning it didn't heal properly and had to be amputated. Until he came to Rescue he had never had treatment of any kind for this injury. His leg was amputated in Feb. of 2003. Alexander was adopted in March, 2003 and is now being terribly spoiled by his new people. Happiness to you always, Alexander!

Margo's Story

In April, 2001, I was called by a local animal shelter and asked if I would take a little 8 year old orange and white Persian female who was going to be put to sleep because she had an eye problem. We said we would take her. She was picked up from the shelter and brought to our Mill Valley facility. On the way to Rescue, she was named Margo. When she came through the door, it was obvious that she had extensive injuries. Her right eye was injured, she walked with a limp and her tail was calcified and deformed from injuries. We rushed her to the veterinarian. The vet found that her leg was fractured in three places and that it might have to be amputated. Her eye was totally blind. and her tail had been injured in some undetermined way and needed to be amputated. These injuries did not all happen at the same time. It looked as though Margo had been abused. Margo’s right eye was removed. Nothing could be done for her left eye and she couldn’t see very well, but she could get around by herself. Her leg healed on its own. After her tail was amputated, she was more comfortable. From behind, she looked like a little orange and white bear. In spite of all she had gone through she was still a sweet, trusting, loving, demanding attention cat. With loving care, Margo blossomed. She is the sweetest little cat. When visitors came to the rescue, Margo would greet them. If you didn’t notice her right away, she would sit in front of you or behind and gently tap your leg with her paw to get your attention. When the visitor looked down to see what the “tap” was, Margo would be sitting there looking up wanting to be petted. All Margo had to do now was to wait for “just the right home”. One day, a very nice man came to the Rescue and fell in love with Margo. He brought along his “support group”, a neighbor and her son who would look in on Margo if he was gone for more than a couple of hours. He didn’t want her to be alone for long. It was decided he would be the perfect home for Margo. She is loved very much and is doing just fine in her new home. They are both in love with one another! JANUARY, 2004 UPDATE: Apparently Margo loved her person more than he loved her because, after being in her home for 2 years, she was returned to Rescue through no fault of hers. A couple of weeks later, a wonderful man drove up from Southern Calif. and not only adopted Margo but also adopted another of our rescue cats.

Miss Mavis' Story

In 1998, we were called by a local shelter and asked if we’d take an 8 year old grey female Persian cat. It seems her owners were going to move and they had four cats and could only take three with them so Miss Mavis was the one they chose to "get rid of". The poor cat was too terrified to be put up for adoption and was scheduled to be euthanized. Wanda went to the shelter and when she looked in the kennel, the poor cat was huddled in a corner in the back of the kennel because she was so terrified. Wanda brought the cat, later named Miss Mavis, to Mill Valley. Miss Mavis turned out to be a very sweet, loving cat. She was quite happy at Rescue but needed her very own home. Other cats came and were adopted but Miss Mavis stayed at Rescue for FIVE years. Then, one day in February 2003, a nice lady came to Rescue and Miss Mavis decided this was HER lady and the lady decided this was HER cat and adopted Miss Mavis. Now, at 13 years old, Miss Mavis has her very own home and her very own person to love. She made herself at home the first day she arrived in her new home. IF YOU WAIT LONG ENOUGH, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN (ESPECIALLY IN RESCUE).

Charlie's Story

Charlie came to our rescue on March 16, 1994 and was adopted on May 18, 1995. Up to that time, Charlie won the award for the longest time spent with us.
Charlie was a one and a half year old brown tabby Persian when we first met him. He had come from Seattle to California where his caregiver moved into an apartment that did not allow animals. He was not neutered and was badly matted. Charlie had been put up for adoption but had bitten someone who was thinking of adopting him. The Humane Society then had him neutered (one testicle was crypt) with one testicle having to be removed from his stomach area. No wonder he was cranky! Afterwards the Humane Society called us to see if we were willing to take him, which of course we were. Charlie soon healed from his neuter and his coat began to grow back. He would greet people as they arrived at Rescue or just sleep through all the noise, whichever suited him. Unfortunately his biting continued and we had to warn people of his behavior. Charlie was also not very fond of being groomed. For many prospective adopters, Charlie was too hard to handle. He went to a couple of foster homes during his stay but the stress was too much for him and at one point he came down with a urinary tract infection. After recovering we decided that he would stay with us until we found the perfect family for him. Finally Lyn Hollon came along. Lyn had been coming to Wanda's cat grooming shop for several years with her silver Persian, Caesar. Caesar was Mr. Personality but he also did not like to be combed and did not particularly care for other cats in his home. In the year we had Charlie, Lyn had fallen in love with him but knew Caesar would not accept another cat. She also knew it would not be fair to Caesar to introduce a young cat into her home as he was fifteen years old. Caesar was born September 14, 1979 and died April 2, 1995. Lyn was so lonely without Caesar that she called Rescue within a few days. She asked if we still had Charlie and if she could adopt him. Wanda knew that this would be the right home for him! Caesar and Charlie had so much in common that Wanda felt that Lyn could handle Charlie's special personality. Lyn and Charlie now live in Texas. They're both very happy to be together. Charlie has even made friends with another cat and the two of them play together when they visit each other.

Whitney's Story

Whitney started my love, understanding and knowledge of the Persian breed. Having Whitney ultimately led to my commitment to rescuing Persians in need and my dedication to Persian Cat Rescue. Whitney was born 3/21/81 and died 12/9/96. Whitney was humanely put to sleep after suffering from colon cancer. She'd lost 3 lbs in only two months which was half her body weight. I miss her terribly but she left so many gifts of herself in my life. I have her daughter, "Twilight", who is 13 years old. And her great granddaughter "Daisy Mae". Both are just as strong willed and loving as Whitney. Whitney was a Chinchilla Silver Persian. I showed her at cat shows which taught me a lot about cat grooming and led to my grooming business. Whitney won titles as Champion and Grand Premier under C.F.A. Whitney had three kittens, one kitten each pregnancy. Delivery was difficult for her so she was spayed at an early age. Whitney adored her kittens, as well as everyone else's kittens. One special story stays in my mind and always will. Whitney had her second kitten "Little Jiggs" who was about 6 weeks old. I was in the kitchen and Whitney kept coming in and meowing at me. She would leave the kitchen and then return and meow again. After the third time I followed her to find Little Jiggs hanging by his claws from the second shelf of a cat climber. I reached him just in time as he let go and I caught him. It was a good four foot drop! What a good mother! Who said cats don't reason?

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